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Sugar Cookie V2 - Flavors Capella 13ml

Sugar Cookie V2 - Aroma Capella 13 ml

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Sugar Cookie V2 - Flavors Capella 13ml
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Sušenka /Sugar Cookie V2/ - Aroma Capella 13 ml 
Sušenka /Sugar Cookie V2/ - Aroma Capella 13 ml 
Sušenka /Sugar Cookie V2/ - Aroma Capella 13 ml 
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13 ml

Sugar Cookie 13 ml


Flavor for making your own e-liquid by an American manufacturer Capella.


On the table there are sugar cookies, just pulled from the plate. In their fragrance is seductive vanilla. Comfort of home. Sugar Cookie aromas are not included in the limit.



Like a good meal, a good e-liquid depends on two things. First is who is preparing it and second what materials does he use. With the first, we unfortunately cannot help, but we have only the best materials for e-liquid DIY.

One of the largest manufacturers of flavors and flavorings intended not only for electronic cigarette e-liquids Capella offers countless flavors of any kind. You can choose from simple ones such as a melon and apple or from complex flavors such as chocolate brownies and glazed donut. The choice is wide and how you mix the individual flavors, what recipes you prepare and what e-liquids you create is purely up to you.

Capella flavors are produced on propylene glycol base from only the finest ingredients in certified facilities right in San Marcos, California. Since it is not a flavor only for e-liquid DIY, but also for flavoring dishes and beverages, the production is under highest level of quality control of the final product.

Flavors does NOT contain diacetyl, gluten, caffeine, preservatives and stabilizing agents, traces of corn or peanuts, fat, calories, artificial sweeteners and sodium.

It is a highly concentrated flavors, not finished e-liquid. You need to mix the flavor with a base containing propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerin.

Bottle size: 13 ml

Made in USA.

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