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Fidelity pays off

Liqui, Liqui 30 ml, Ritch, discount, bonus

Bonus program


Registering with us you will receive several bonuses, the main ones are unbeatable price  e-liquid Liqua


Appreciates your loyalty to the e-shop, and we have therefore prepared for registered customers Bonuses.


 1st Bonus - reduced price of e-liquid Liqua

After registering and logging into our e-shop you automatically have a lowest price

e-liquid by up to 25% lower

2. Bonus - commissions from the private purchase

For every purchase, which will be executed on our e-shop and will not be returned within a period of 14 days will be credited provízia 4% of your order. The value of the commission will be calculated from the value of purchases without shipping. You can use it on any further order, which will be higher than 15, - EUR (excluding shipping)


 It will be up to you when you use that amount.


 Example: on e-shop will be set  4% commissions on your next purchase, which will be higher than 15, -EUR without shipping dobierka. So you bought for 35, - EUR without postage, after the expiry of the statutory deadline for the return of goods (currently set at 20 days) will be on your user account credited amount of EUR 1.4 euros, which will allow you to full, or only partially, applied when your next purchase, which will be higher than 15, - EUR (excluding shipping).


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