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Help for blending e-Liquid

Custom e-liquid mixing of the product FLAVOURTEC


  •  Select the nicotine base - the basic component without aroma
  •      Select one or more flavors - all according to your own tastes and imagination
  •      Mix the e-liquid - thus creating a unique flavor to your liking



Nicotine base is simply no e-liquid flavors. In our e-shop you can buy, base neutral and tobacco. So if you prefer the taste of tobacco we recommend choosing tobacco base.


Mark PG is Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin VG. It is an integral part of any nicotine base in various configurations.

Propylene glycol - mainly provides significant hit (sensation in the throat as in a conventional cigarette smoking - scratching) and allow to stand out more flavor filling. Some use the base of a majority stake in PG base. We find, but also bases that do not at all PG.


Vegetable Glycerin compared PG significantly softer and already available in the slightly sweet. Sometimes it does not hurt, but in some cases it can distort a little taste. The biggest advantage of VG versus PG is more dense smoke behavior.

The combination of both components, there is the golden mean and also the best selling variant.


Vlastní míchání:

You need to select the fundamental basis of their own taste and judgment. We offer several combinations and strengths of nicotine. Aromatics Flavourtec again choose according to your tastes. For easier handling is good even buy empty vials and pipettes, here.

If you already have everything you need, just pour into the bottle required amount of nicotine base (for starters, it is recommended to mix smaller amounts of about 5 ml), pipette dropper to place the required amount of flavors in bottles with nicotine base. Table with recommended dosage below. At the beginning it is recommended to lower the concentration of 1-2%, you can always be added.



Close the bottle and mix well. Now it is good to keep filling at least 2-3 days to ferment. Aromatics must be based on well to dissolve, to begin to be enough to feel. So if you leave the e-liquid ferment week, so the taste is noticeably better.

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